Oil Purifier

A.G. Marine Trading spares Consultants offer overhauled marine and industrial oil purifiers/Separators sources from various ship breaking yards. All machines prior to overhauling are stripped of all components, cleaned, inspected and rebuilt. The bowls are dismantled and inspected for corrosion, wear/tear. All sealing faces, Top discs and distributors are carefully checked for wear & damage. All ball bearings are changed if required; electric motors checked regardless of their condition.
The company has been supplying purifiers to major shipping companies in India and abroad for the past 10 years. We have over 50+ purifiers in ready stock enabling us to meet customer demands at shortnotice. We have following to offer from our ready stock

Maker Type
Alfa Laval Mitsubishi Westfalia WSK Krakow
MAB 102 SJ 700 OSA 7 MAPX-309
MAB 103 SJ 2000 OSA 20  
MAB 104 SJ 3000 OTA 7  
MAB 204 SJ 4000 OTA 14  
MAB 204 SJ 6000 OTA 18  
MAB 205 SJ 8000 OTA 20  
MAB 206 SJ 11T    
MAB 207 SJ 15T SJ20T    
MAPX 204      
MAPX 205      
MAPX 207      
MAPX 210      
MAPX 309      
MAPX 313      
MOPX 205      
MOPX 207      
MOPX 209      
MOPX 210      
MOPX 213      
WHPX 407      
WHPX 505      
WHPX 510